Consular Services



The Maltese Consulate in Toronto provides the following services:


  1. Passport applications
  2. Citizenship applications
  3. Authentication of Documents
  4. Legalisation
  5. Visa applications
  6. Administration of oaths
  7. Powers of Attorney
  8. Pensions



Opening Hours


The public may visit the Consulate General at the following times:


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:                9.00am to 12.00 pm

                2.00pm to 4.30 pm

Thursday and Friday:                           9.00am to 12.00 pm


It is advisable to call for an appointment particularly if the Consul`s presence is deemed necessary.


1. Passport Services


All Maltese citizens resident in Canada may apply for a new passport or renewal of their passport through the Maltese Consulate without the need to travel to Malta. 

Applications for a new passport or to renew a passport may be obtained from the Consulate.

It is important that all sections in the application form are duly filled in, following which the original application form together with all the required relevant documentation should be personally handed in to the Consulate. Only house-bound persons and children under 6 years of age need not apply personally for a passport at the Consulate. The Consulate reserves the right to judge each application submission individually.

Passport Application Form

Expired Passport


A duly-completed application form as well as the expired passport, and all the necessary relative documentation, must be handed to the Maltese Consulate. Upon receipt of the renewed passport, the expired passport would be cancelled by the Consulate and, together with the renewed passport, is returned to applicant.   



Passport Sized Photos


If required, passport sized photos, which must be identical, measuring 40 x 30mm, and in colour, should not be more than 6 months old. One of the said photos should be signed by the recommender.  Photographs must be in line with ICAO standards, as per notes attached to the Passport Application Form.






Fee CAD $

Issuance of a passport to persons who are sixteen (16) years of age and over, valid for ten (10) years


Issuance of a passport for minors who are ten (10) years of age but have not attained their sixteenth (16) birthday, valid for five (5) years


Issuance of a passport to minors who have not attained their tenth birthday (10), valid for two (2) years


Issuance of an Emergency Passport or any travel document not otherwise provided for in lieu of a passport


Issuance of “second passport”, valid for ten years


Issuance of a fast track passport, valid for ten (10) years



Passports for Children


Both parents are required to give their consent by signing the application form in the presence of the recommender. The application may be presented by either one of the parents in person. The presenting parent needs to produce an acceptable form of official identification for both parents.  


How to effect payment


Payment of fees may be made in cash or by bank cheque. Fees are paid when the application is submitted and are non-refundable. A receipt will be issued to the applicant.


Collection of passports


Unless otherwise advised, passports are to be collected from the Consulate in person upon notification that it has been received from the Passport Office in Malta. A form of identification has to be shown before the passport can be handed to the applicant. Parents may collect the passport of their minor children only on presentation of a valid ID and of the receipt.


When a passport is given to the applicant, the applicant has to sign a card confirming receipt of same.



2. Citizenship


Applications for citizenship will be given by the Consulate. Guidance will also be given with respect to documents required and fees payable.  The duly-completed applications together with the relevant documentation are to be returned to the Consulate for onward transmission to the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs for processing.


For further information:


3. Authentication of Documents / Signature


Authentication implies certifying a stamp, seal or signature as genuine.  The Maltese Consulate in Toronto may authenticate official stamps or seals issued by a Maltese Government Authority.  Such documents may either be sent by post or delivered by hand.  The Maltese Consulate may also authenticate a signature. In this case the individual, who must produce a valid identification card, must sign in front of the Consul. The fee for this service is CAD $25. 


4. Legalisation


The Maltese Consulate may legalise documents which bear the Apostille Certificate of the Maltese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fee for this service is CAD $25.


5. Visa Applications


Application information as well as a form may be obtained by contacting the Consulate. Following initial relevant enquiries carried out by the Consulate, applications and relative documentation, are referred to the competent authorities in Malta for processing.


Further details on Visa Issuance may be viewed on the main website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


For Further Information



6. Administration of Oaths


The Consulate administers the taking of oaths such as in the case of lost or stolen passports or oaths of allegiance under citizenship regulations.


The public is advised to call the Consulate for an appointment if an oath needs to be taken.



7. Powers of Attorney


The Consulate will certify and authenticate signatures for Powers of Attorney.

A fee of CAD $25 is charged.


8. Pensions


The Consulate assists those individuals who are entitled to a pension from Malta to submit an application to the Maltese authorities. Queries on pension issues are also answered or referred to the Maltese authorities in Valletta.



Other services


The Maltese Consulate may also:

  • translate certain documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates that are issued by the relevant Maltese authorities
  • certify true copies of original Maltese documents
  • assist individuals who find themselves in distress while in Canada (e.g. in the case of arrest, ill-health, loss of money/passport)
  • provide tourism and trade information about Malta





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