The Ambassador

Her Excellency Marisa Micallef was appointed Malta’s Ambassador to the United States in August 2013.

Marisa Micallef was educated at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Malta and graduated with distinction from the University of Malta in French and English. She then immediately left for the UK where following her voluntary work in the east end of London with new immigrants from the Asian sub continent, and a career in affordable housing and residential care, she graduated with a Masters in Public Policy and Planning where her thesis focused on the  privatisation of state owned entities by the charitable sector.

In the UK she specialised in affordable housing and the elderly, and had her research project published by Kings College London. On returning to Malta she was the Chairman of the Housing Authority for a ten year period where she was awarded the Green Politician of the Year award from Nature Trust, Malta. She was concurrently a Director with HSBC,(Home Loans) with the Disability Commission, the Building Industry Consultative Council as well as other boards.

In 2007 the project Marisa Micallef created and initiated while chairing the Housing Authority received the EU Best project award under the Equal project for that year. It was a project designed to help young people leaving care to access training, employment and housing

Marisa Micallef was also honoured in 2007 by being made a Fellow of the Institute of Housing UK for her work in the affordable housing sphere in Malta.

Most recently, Marisa Micallef served as the Director of Political Support and as the adviser to the Leader of the Labour Party and now Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Joseph Muscat for four years.

Marisa’s family has settled all over the world including the USA, Australia, Switzerland and the UK and she has one daughter. Her personal interests include photography, screenplay writing, climate change and film.


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